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Kendama Competition Name Host Location 2023 Date 2024 Date
Battle at the Border Sol Kendamas Nashville, Tennessee Jan 25 January 26th - 28th
Isle of Dama Isle of Dama Glasgow, UK February 24th
Las Vegas Kendama Open Brett & Kelvin? Las Vegas March 18 April 20th
Dama Maddness (NJ) Anthony Medves & Amanda-Rachel Garcia New Jersey March 25 March 30-31st
Socal Royale Danny Markowitz, SoCal Dama California ~April 15 March 15th-17th
Coterie Session Coterie Session Bucharest, Romania March 22-24th
Spike or Die Spike or Die Switzerland March 23-24th
Sakura Nashville Sakura Classic, ?? Nashville, Tennessee ~April 15 Let us know :)
Crewdama Cameron, Crewdama Ontario, Canada April 21 April 13th
Kendama Italia Open Kendama Italia Italy April 26-28th
Cactus Cup ?? Arizona April 30 Let us know :)
Sakura Chicago Sakura Classic, ?? Chicago ~April 30 Let us know :)
British Kendama Open British Kendama Open Bristol, UK May 4th
Dama in the D Glowfish Studios, Downriver Kendama Team Michigan May 6 May 4-5th
Washington Am Open Kendama Seattle? Seattle, Washington May 13th Let us know :)
Salt Laced City Hive Kendama & Utama Collective Utah May 26 June 14-15th
EKC Teodore Fiorina Netherlands June 2 Let us know :)
TKO ?? Tennesseee ~June 11th 2022? Let us know :)
California Kendama Cup Quad Kendamas California June 24 Let us know :)
NEKC Kendama Depot Massachusetts June 30 Let us know :)
Corn on the Ken Nick Bradshaw Akron Ohio July 6th
Dama at the Pond Indiana Lacers Indiana July 15 Let us know :)
Camp Ken Casa Daniel Garcia, Ken Casa Collective New Mexico ~July 21 Let us know :)
New Beginnings YeahMike New Jersey July 22 Let us know :)
KWC Gloken Japan July 29 Let us know :)
Tower Cup Windy City Kendama Chicago, Illinois August 5 Let us know :)
Van Jam Terra Kendama Vancouver, Canada August 13 Let us know :)
Camp Honage William Schlageter & Kendama Depot New York August 31st - September 4th Let us know :)
Back to School ?? New Jersey Sept 9 Let us know :)
Baleal Kendama Fest KendamanXs Baleal, Porugal September 27-29
PNW Kendama Open ?? Spokane, Washington ~Oct 13 Let us know :)
NAKO Sweets Kendamas Minnesota October 20 Let us know :)
ATLO Nick Dodenhoff & GA Kendama Players Georgia Nov 5 Let us know :)