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NEKC 2023 Amateur Division - Dama Bingo

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NEKC 2023 Dama Bingo

Dama Bingo is another speed & consistency based competition format. For Amateur level players Dama Bingo not only tests a wider variety of tricks, but Dama Bingo also involves some strategy.


All rounds will be 1v1, head to head, & single elimination.

Before each round begins, contestants will be given a randomized board including all 25 of the tricks from the list, and you will be racing to complete tricks on the board before your opponent does.

Each contestant will be assigned either "X"s or "O"s to mark their spaces.

You can only mark a space after completing the trick, and you can only add your mark to unmarked spaces.

You can win your round by completing a full line of 5 tricks before your opponent completes any of the tricks in that line.

But if neither contestant is able to complete a full line, once all of the tricks have been completed, the contestant with the most total tricks on the board will be the winner.

Who can compete in Dama Bingo?

All players can & are encouraged to compete in both Addon & Freestyle.

All players that do not compete at a pro level may also pick 1 of the 4:

1. Beginner Speed Ladders

2. Intermediate Speed Ladders

3. Advanced Speed Ladders

4. Amateur Division - Dama Bingo (Cash Prize)

If you are a sponsored player you may be asked not to compete in any of these 4 divisions depending on your skill level.

Which division should you pick?

For Dama Bingo you should be able to complete all tricks in your division within 2-4 tries on average.

If you can not do some of the tricks within 5 tries you may want to break those tricks down and practice them to increase your consistency. But every player will have more trouble with some tricks than others.

If you can do every trick on the list in 2 tries you probably should not be competing in Speed Ladders or Dama Bingo.

Sandbagging, AKA competing in a lower division than is appropriate for your skills, may make it easier to win, but actually makes you a loser.

Dont be a loser, you will learn and grow more from challenging yourself. And we want every division to have a close competition.


3rd & 2nd place will receive some Kendamas/Merch and a gift card for

1st place will receive some Kendamas/Merch, a gift card for, and 100$ Cash

NEKC 2023 Amateur Division - Dama Bingo Trick List

1. Lunar, House, Inward Lunar, House, Lunar, 1 Turn In
2. Big Cup, Bird, Small Cup, Nightingale, Spike
3. Downspike, Trade - Airplane, Inward J Stick
4. Base Cup, Kenflip - Base Cup, Spike
5. Airplane, Inward .5 - House, Inward Fall In
6. 2 Turn House, Fall In
7. Whirlwind, Inward Whirlwind
8. (Switch) Base Cup, Rising Dragon, Spike
9. 1 Turn Lighthouse - Insta House Flip, Spike
10. Big Cup, Arm Bounce - Big, Knee Bounce - Big, Spike
11. Unicorn 360
12. Downspike Fasthands (- Tama), Lighthouse, Stuntplane Fasthands (- Ken)

13. Scooping Golfish, Spike
14. Penguin Spike, Penguin Earth Turn
15. (Sitting) Around the World
16. (Sara) Scramble - Downspike
17. Downspike, Base Cup, Down Fast (- Tama)
18. Around USA
19. (Switch) Around Japan
20. Juggle - Big Cup, Jug - Small, Jug - Base, Spike
21. Penguin Base Cup, Base, Penguin Base, Spike
22. Hanging - Spike, Drop - Hanging
23. Moshikame x10, Spike
24. Handlestall, Spike
25. Throw - Lighthouse, Trade Spike