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Gage Mod (B Grade)

Sale price $39.99 Regular price $44.99

New Laced Kendama presents the Gage Writes Pro Model

The artwork engraved into tama features a tag painted by Gage and his lovely wife Nicole adding depth and style to how you track this tama in the air. The engraving around the string hole, cup rim, and seal feature a custom logo featuring the couples initials. The sword is etched with Gage’s signature “evil”, illustrating his otherworldly style and sealing his first steps into pro status. We at NLK are incredibly proud and honored to be able to learn and work beside him, join us in celebrating Gage by hitting a selfie clip on your #gagemod!

-Company: New Laced Kendama

-Shape: Sapper

-Ken Wood: Maple

-Base Hole: Yes 

-Tama Wood: Beech

-Paint Type: Sticky

-Tama Size: 61mm

*Additional Info: B Grade because we used some new bags which unfortunately left some stains/smudges on the tamas. The defect is only cosmetic so we dropped the price 5$ from 44.99 to 39.99